We’re making the web more African one language at a time…

What We Do

We’re providing digital access to learning and cultural content in African languages. 

There are over 2000 languages on the African continent and a wealth of cultural and historical knowledge, most of which is not represented on the web.

Our vision is a more African web – a world in which marginalised African voices, knowledge, cultures, histories and languages are better represented, and more visible. 

We’re creating solutions to amplify African voices online by:

  • Enabling African language speakers to learn online and in their own languages
  • Empowering African language speakers with new skills
  • Recording and sharing African knowledge, cultures and histories
  • Building digital platforms to ensure mobile-first access to this content, in African languages.  

Diji is an e-learning platform and chatbot where African language speakers learn in their mother tongue languages.

Courses are short, easy to complete and focus on skills development. They are delivered online through the Diji website and via chatbots for low-resource environments.

iAfrika is a mobile website of African cultures, customs and histories, in African languages.

It is a valuable resource for African language speakers. Each month over 160, 000 people visit iAfrika and read its pages over 500, 000 times.

Diji and iAfrika are based on our local knowledge theory of change.

Our Team

Mpumi Zulu

Mpumi has over 18 years of experience in the media industry – print, broadcasting and digital. She is an all-rounder, having worked as journalist, copy editor, managing editor, newsroom & production manager, mentor and editor.

Siboniso Langa

Siboniso Langa is a content generator, researcher and practising poet. His work focuses on oral and material culture, its promotion and preservation. He holds an Honours degree in Community and Development studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

Thabile Zulu

Thabile is a translator, writer, editor and content manager. She has experience working on news, cultural and e-learning websites, as well as running social media campaigns.

Grant McNulty

Grant is an experienced project manager and researcher of African culture and languages in the digital age. He has an MA in Zulu and a PhD in Social Anthropology (UCT).


Thank you for the information about my customs. Keep up the good work!

– Siphiwe

I love Diji! Learning in my own language makes it so much easier.

– Zine

Contact Us


Dr Grant McNulty +27 76 419 8587