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Theory of Change

Diji and iAfrika are based on our Local Knowledge Theory of Change

iAfrika Digital has developed a theory of change that focuses on local content in local languages. It advances the idea that the creation of a mobile platform of local knowledge in local languages has the potential to empower everyday Africans by providing opportunities to:

  • Access mobile training modules in their own languages (through Diji)
  • Develop a local knowledge resource about people, their traditional interactions with nature, food and farming practices, places, customs and histories in African languages (through iAfrika).

This type of platform has the potential to bring about long-term societal impacts in Africa such as: 

  • Developing digital skills and improving various forms of literacy (digital, information, reading, climate and cultural) 
  • Promoting local languages and knowledge, 
  • Supporting social inclusion and cohesion, and 
  • Contributing to the development of a knowledge society and economy in Africa.

Our theory of change is aligned to various development agenda including the:

  • United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • African Union’s Agenda 2063 for the implementation of its long-term vision, with interim implementation plans.
  • South African government’s National Development Plan