Local knowledge theory of change

Theory of Change

Diji and iAfrika are based on our Local Knowledge Theory of Change…

It advances the idea that the development and operationalisation of a digital Local Knowledge Platform can have certain positive outputs and important impacts (long-term societal changes) such as:

  • Developing Literacy and Digital Skills
  • Recording and Improving Access to Relevant Knowledge
  • Promoting Local Languages and Knowledge
  • Supporting Social Inclusion and Cohesion
  • Contributing to a Knowledge Society / Economy

Our theory of change is aligned to various development agenda including the:

  • United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • African Union’s Agenda 2063 for the implementation of its long-term vision, with interim implementation plans.
  • South African government’s National Development Plan

Diji and iAfrika are modular and can operate independently or in conjunction with each other: